Upcoming Gigs

Here all the shows I have coming up this month.  Most of my shows tend to be private events but there are a few where anyone can come along.  Where possible I’ve added a link to the venue.  Most public gigs usually consist of two 45 minute sets and will start around 9 pm.  If you would like more information about any of these shows, please get in touch

February 2018

2nd     The Rose & Crown, Farndon. 21.00 start

3rd      The Plainsman, Nottingham. 21.00 Start

4th      Private Party

 Private Party

 Farndon Boathouse 19.00 Start

9th      The Lord Nelson, Burton Joyce

10th    Private Party Nottingham

11th    Wedding, Nottinghamshire

16th    And Why Not, Mansfield 21.00 Start

17th    Nottingham Ruby Club Beer Festival 19.00 start

               Private Party

23rd    A-Venue, West Bridgford. 19.00 start

24th   Private Party, Nottinghamshire

25th   Harts Wedding Fayre 11.00 - 14.00

              Private Party

January 2018

5th      The Priory, Nanpantan, Leicestershire.

6th      Private Party, Nottinghamshire

12th    A-Venue, West Bridgford. 19.00 start

13th   Private Party, Nottinghamshire

16th   Fox & Grapes, Nottingham. 20.00 start

19th   The Plainsman, Nottingham. 21.00 Start

20th   Private Party, Nottinghamshire

21st   Das-kino,  Nottingham. 22.00 start

24th   The Old Volunteer, Carlton. 20.00 Start  

27th   The Wheatsheaf, Burton Joyce. 20.00 Start

28th   McGill Fundraiser Southbank City Nottingham, 19.00 start

December 2017

1st.     Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

             Raglan Road, Nottingham 21.00 start

2nd     A-Venue, West Bridgford. 18.00

             Private Party, Nottingham.

3rd     The White Hart, Quorn. 16.00 start

             Private Party, Derbyshire

4th     Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

6th     Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

7th     Wedding, Yorkshire

8th     Southbank City Nottingham, 18.00 - 19.00

             The Lord Nelson, Burton Joyce. 21.00 start

9th     Raglan Road, Nottingham 21.00 start

12th   Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

13th   The Brewhouse & Kitchen, Nottingham 21.00 start

14th   Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

15th   Private Party, Nottinghamshire

16th   Private Party, Nottinghamshire

17th   Private Party, Leicestershire

18th   Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

19th   Private Party, Nottinghamshire

20th   Winter Wonderland, Nottingham 17.00

21st   Tom Brown's Brasserie

22nd  The Blacks Head, Carlton

23rd   The Wheatsheaf, Bingham

31st    Tom Brown's Brasserie New Years Eve Party.


November 2017

1st      More After Four, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

3rd     Boots Children In Need Fundraiser.  18.20 Start

             Private Party, Nottingham

4th     Wedding, Leicestershire

5th     The Lord Nelson, Burton Joyce 16.00 start

             Das-kino,  Nottingham. 22.00 start

11th  Private Party, Nottinghamshire

13th  The Willowbrook, Gedling. 20.00 start

17th  Nottingham Ice Bar Grand Opening, 17.00 Start

             The Admiral Rodney, Calverton.

18th  Private Party, Nottingham 18.00

             The Plainsman, Nottingham. 21.30 Start

21st  Wedding, Derbyshire

25th  The Chestnut, Radcliffe on Trent. 20.30 start

30th  Reiss Fashion Show, Tom Browns, Gunthorpe

October 2017

1st    Copper, Mapperley. 19.30 start

6th    The Lord Nelson, Burton Joyce

7th    The Lounge, Ilkeston

8th    The White Hart, Quorn. 16.00 start

10th  Private Party

11th  More After Four, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

13th  Private Party

14th  Private Party

15th  Das-kino, Nottingham. 22.00 start

18th  More After Four, Nottingham. 16.00 Start7

20th  Shoulder of Mutton, Barton Under Needwood, Staffordshire

21st  Private Party

22nd Private Party

25th  More After Four, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

             The Old Volunteer, Carlton. 19.00 Start     

26th  Gedling Pub & Kitchen, Nottingham. 19.00 start

27th  Raglan Road, Nottingham

28th   Wedding, Derbyshire

September 2017

1st    The Beach Bar, Nottingham 15.00 start

2nd   The Beach Bar, Nottingham 15.00 start

             Wedding, Nottingham

3rd    Landermeads Fundraiser

            Das-kino, Nottingham. 22.00 start

6th    More After Four, Lister Gate, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

7th    And Why Not, Mansfield 21.00 Start

8th    Private Party

9th    Wedding, Nottinghamshire

10th  Wedding, Nottinghamshire

13th  More After Four, Lister Gate, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

15th  Gedling Pub & Kitchen, Nottingham. 19.00 start 

            The Plainsman, Nottingham. 21.30 Start

16th  Wedding, Derbyshire.

17th  Private Party

20th  More After Four, Lister Gate, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

21st  Canal House Nottingham. 19.00 start

22nd Wedding, Nottinghamshire

             The Rose & Crown, Farndon. 21.00 start

23rd Wedding, Nottinghamshire

24th Family Fun Day, White Horse, Ruddington. From 14.00

26th Private Party. Birmingham

27th More After Four, Lister Gate, Nottingham. 16.00 Start

            Notts Tweet up, Marco Pierre White, Nottingham. 19.00 start

29th Private Party. Birmingham

30th Private Party. Kegworth

            Wedding, Nottinghamshire

August 2017

3rd    Private Party

4th    Private Party

5th    Wedding, Buckinghamshire

10th  Wedding, Derbyshire

11th  The Beach Bar, Nottingham 15.00 start

             Wedding, Nottingham

12th  Wedding, Nottinghamshire

13th  Private Party, Nottinghamshire

16th  The Old Volunteer, Carlton. 19.00 Start

18th  Wedding, Nottinghamshire

19th  The Beach Bar, Nottingham 15.00 start

20th  Private Event

24th  And Why Not, Mansfield 21.00 Start

25th  The Beach Bar, Nottingham 15.00 start

             The Phonics. Playing songs by Stereophonics. Hogarths 20.00 start

26th  Wedding, Nottingham.

27th  Vicky McClures Blooming Dementia Fundraiser, Nottingham 13.00 start

             The Beach Bar, Nottingham 15.00 start

             Private Party

July 2017

1st     Wedding, Nottingham

2nd    Tom Brown's Brasserie Garden Party. 17.15 start

             The Lord Nelson, Burton Joyce. Charity Fundraiser

5th     Wedding, Nottinghamshire

6th     And Why Not, Mansfield 21.00 Start

7th     The Lord Nelson, Burton Joyce 21.00 start

8th     Nottingham Independents Festival

               Hockley Stage - 12.00

               Middle Pavement Stage - 14.00

               Pelham Street Stage - 16.00

               Private Party - Lambley

               Private Party - Lowdham

9th      Copper, Mapperley. 19.30 start

              Daskino Nottingham 22.30 Start

12th   The Old Volunteer, Carlton. 19.00 Start

14th   Mapperley Plains Social Club 20.00 Start

              The Waters Edge, Newark. 22.00 Start

21st    Deerstock