Upcoming Gigs

Here all the shows I have coming up this month.  Most of my shows tend to be private events but there are a few where anyone can come along.  Where possible I’ve added a link to the venue.  Most public gigs usually consist of two 45 minute sets and will start around 9 pm.  If you would like more information about any of these shows, please get in touch


5th              The Admiral Rodney, Southwell - 20.30

6th              Craft, Lincoln - 20.30 

7th              Wedding, Derbyshire

11th           The Roundhouse, Nottingham - 19.30

13th           The Townhouse, Arnold - 20.00

                      Raglan Road, Nottingham - 22.30

14th           The Frame breakers, Ruddington - 17.00

18th           Tom Browns, Gunthorpe - 20.00

20th           Wedding, Wales

26th           Southbank, Trent Bridge - 21.00

27th           Private Party, Lincolnshire



1st             The Hockley Rebel - 20.30

2nd           Private Party, Nottingham.

3rd            Wedding, Derbyshire

8th            Mapperley Plains Social Club - 19.30

                    Southbank Trent Bridge - 21.30

9th            Private Party, Leicestershire

15th         Private Party, Nottingham

16th         Private Party, Derbyshire

21st          Wedding Nottingham

22nd        Raglan Road, Nottingham - 22.30 

23rd         Private Party, Staffordshire

29th         The Risley Park, Nottinghamshire - 21.00. 

30th         The Wheatsheaf, Bingham - 20.30